Design services:

  • Complete design and documentation of the basic physical infrastructure of IT and data communication networks.
  • Full design and documentation of structured copper and optical fibre cabling networks for remote sites, backbone networks, computer rooms and data centres.
  • Survey, design and documentation of wireless (WiFi) network systems.
  • Design and integration of basic infrastructure systems for data centres and server rooms.
  • Design of other low-voltage current, security, CCTV, audio-visual systems.

Consultation, project management:

  • Full consultation and technical support for IT, data communications and other low-voltage current networks.
  • Technical management, supervision and technical support for the implementation of IT, data communication and other low-voltage current networks – full administration and documentation of related project management tasks.


Our specialists are certified in the knowledge of products of our market leading suppliers used in the design and construction of cabling networks, thus we can offer 20-25 years manufacturer’s warranty on implementation by using the products of these manufacturers.

  • Implementation, instrumental examination and documentation of structured copper and optical cabling systems.
  • Verification of existing networks: survey, instrumental examination and fault detection, repair and documentation.
  • Installation and configuration of wireless network systems.
  • Installing and configuring CCTV systems.
  • Design, installation and configuration of access control and alarm systems.
  • Design and installation of fire alarm systems and automatic fire extinguishing systems.

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