Our company’s main profile is providing a complete IT technology and communication network infrastructure for large, medium and small sized businesses.

Our company was established in 1994 with the aim of providing full range IT services to our clients.

Thanks to our colleagues’ and partners’ expertise, their knowledge in special area of expertise, and experience gained over the years, our company underwent a major transformation in 2008.

Our mission is to provide complete communication network infrastructure solutions and to design, implement, develop and maintain networks providing integrated services. In order to find complex solutions covering all needs, we have expanded our services to help our clients to implement complex IT solutions, taking into account market needs. With the help of our more years experience, we can combine our resources with those of our partners, so that we can handle both diverse and large enterprise needs.

Our aim is to build trusted, long-term business partnership with our existing and future clients and partners.

We aim to provide excellent and high quality services, while taking into account our clients’ needs and the latest technological innovations available on the market. We strive to maintain our company’s efficiency and flexibility. We want to ensure high quality by providing high value services with the help of the products of our suppliers and the continuous training of our colleagues.

We consider ourselves lucky to have our current team of educated and experienced colleagues and subcontractors who have worked with us for many years.